Airbrush spray tans

Full body: $40.00

Upper or lower body: $25.00

Not familiar with our spray tans? 

Our tanning regimen is olive-based, that means NO orange mess!

To prepare for your tanning session before coming in

  • EXFOLIATE your skin to remove all dried and dead skin from the body
  • SHAVE all parts that are normally shaved at least 6 hours prior to your appointment
  • Do not wear any makeup, lotions, deodorant, or perfumes to your appointment, some of these products can act as a barrier and will prevent the solution from being absorbed into the skin

What to expect during your session 

  • You may choose to wear clothing or to be tanned completely nude- either process is acceptable as nudity does not offended our airbrush technicians
    • Should you choose to wear clothing be sure to avoid wearing items made of silk or satin, light nylon or wools as the tanning solution tends to stain these fabrics
  • Loose and dark clothing are recommended for your comfort after your session. Sandals or flip-flops are also recommended. Tight-fitting clothing will prevent the solution from setting in

Post tanning recommendations:

  • You may feel sticky up to an hour after your session as the main ingredient, DHA, is derived from the sugar beet plant
  • DO NOT have activities planned after your tanning session that would cause you to perspire or get wet in any way. This will cause the solution to run and look uneven when the activation is taking place
  • DO NOT sit directly on leather or light fabrics after your tanning session as the bronzer may rub off and discolor the fabric
  • YOU SHOULD shower sometime between 12-24 hours after your session to ensure the best looking tan. showering any earlier may cause the tan to underdevelop, leaving it on longer may cause blotching.
    • NOTE: During your first shower you will see color washing off, do not be alarmed as this is just the surface color that was applied during your session and will not affect your tan.
  • When showering DO NOT use a scrub brush, loofa, etc. as these will cause premature exfoliation of the skin that has just been tanned and may cause your color to look uneven.
  • PAT DRY out of the shower and apply MOISTURIZER while there is still dampness to your skin
  • DO NOT use lotions with AplhaHydroxy Acids; their purpose is to exfoliate
  • Use a FRESH razor for shaving, a dull razor requires more pressure and will remove color from the skin