Perm curls are coming back! A perm, body wave and texture wave are one in the same. The difference of these techniques is the size of rods, sectioning or tools used to determine the size of your curl and the formation.

The owner of Shear Dynamics has been perming since the 80’s and has continued to stay educated on the latest techniques in perming along with passing that education onto the team. Showing and teaching tricks of the trade to ensure the best results; longevity of curl, but not over processed.

When you combine the years of experience with today’s techniques, Shear Dynamics is the answer for perming. Our team loves to think out-of-the-box and recommend something customized for you and your lifestyle. With great curls and the right products, you could simplify your life every day and feel good about how you look! A texture wave can also support a smooth hair style and relieve your frustration of flat frumpy hair.

Textured waves $130+