“A great haircut is the foundation to managing curly hair”

We believe curls deserve to be understood. At Shear Dynamics we are dedicated to educating both our clients and stylists about the unique needs of curly hair. Our certified salon is where curls come to be treated right! Ouidad Certified Stylists create curls like no one else.

From lazy S to the crimped-up kinked curls, they know how to make the most of every zigzag, curve, and spiral. Get a cut constructed exclusively for your curly hair, and learn how to best care for your one of a kind curls. When determining which technique to best serve our curly hair clients, it was clear Ouidad was a fit.

To get the best results for cutting and styling curly hair is always on wet hair, the wetter the better! Ouidad cutting techniques can enhance or control curly hair. Your stylist will chip or slice a minimal amount of hair from the curl to organize a pattern or create more curl as needed. The result is curls that fit together like a puzzle and control the frizz. Specialized Quidad haircuts are scheduled for 90 minutes versus our 45 minute haircuts. The time required for your curly cut will reflect the price.

Ouidad: $90