Owner, Master Designer, Certified in Ouidad Cutting

Linda Wander is quite a woman. Her joy in life, enthusiasm for her beauty business and her deep faith in the way God works through people is uplifting to experience. Come into the salon, and the energy hits you like a tsunami wave. This lady radiates optimism and shares such an easy laugh that you can’t help but smile for yourself. Linda gives a good ear to her customers and sometimes, bits of wisdom or encouragement, because she loves people, period! She considers great hair the bonus.

Because Linda has been in the hair industry for 35 years she soars when it comes to texture waves. She was rocking perms in the 80’s and has trained her team to embrace the latest and greatest techniques in waving, along with all the trade secrets developed throughout the years. The collaboration done at Shear Dynamics will give you the confidence to wear some curls.

Linda has always wanted to be a stylist. At a young age, her play time was regularly shampooing and styling the head of a life-size mannequin, her first satisfied customer! As a sixth greater, she took a scissors to her younger brother and sister’s hair (remember the page boy?). By the 12th grade, she was a “pro,” cutting the hair of the entire Paynesville, Minn., wrestling team. “You need a haircut? Go see Linda.” the coach would say. Today Linda is a skilled hair dresser, for which she’s received industry recognition. She’s secured first place in a national men’s haircutting competition and first in women’s haircutting competition, Minnesota – Midwest region.

“I’ve always done hair, and I’ll continue to do hair until I can’t raise my arms anymore.” laughs Linda.

As a business owner, professional stylist, team cheerleader, innovator, positive thinker, and a woman of faith, Linda shines. When you use her salon services, you will too!